Laura Polk       All Southern. No Belle.
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It started with a prayer. A series of prayers, actually. I was on an airplane--which always means I think I'm going to die. But, this prayer had nothing to do with saving myself. It was about saving others. Specifically, how God might use me to serve him better. To show others that he is who he says he is. 

It was my lifelong dream to be a writer. And, on that day, as I saw an ad for a Christian writer's program, I prayed that God might use me.

Ten years later, God is still working on me. I'm messy. I'm completely flawed. Which, to him, means that I'm in a good place to be used.

This website is an expansion of ministry that I hope you will find useful. I'm exploring my world more and more through my fiction and non-fiction for single moms, my speaking, and lending my designs to storytelling opportunities. 

Stay tuned . . .